Unique elements of Fellowship

  • Community Immersion Hours - A Fellow will have to complete a total of 180 community hours during the duration of fellowship (Phase 2 - 60 hours, Phase 4 - 120 hours). This is essential for immersion of a fellow into the community, understand the challenges on ground and validate the need and effectiveness of the proposed solution. For immersion to happen effectively, fellows will be associated with a Local Mitra.
    Local Mitra will be a person working with a local NGO in the community surrounding the ACIC. Thus it is essential for an ACIC to establish partnerships with local NGOs.
  • ACIC Hours - A Fellow will have to work physically at ACIC for at least 12 weeks during the duration of fellowship. The time spent by a fellow within the ACIC premise could be utilized for interacting with the ACIC staff, other fellows from the cohort or startups, working in the ACIC labs, attending workshops and other events. Although a fellow will be free to spend as much time with the ACIC as the fellow wants, it will be mandatory for a fellow to spend a minimum of 12 weeks in ACIC.
  • Social Consciousness - Social consciousness deals with an awareness and knowledge about the society and its components, creating a more empathetic outlook. These components can be people, environment and object. This fellowship aims to build an inclusive innovation ecosystem by sensitizing fellows towards all members of the community and their environment.
  • 21st Century Skills - 21st Century skills refer to the knowledge, life skills, career skills, habits and traits that are critically important for a person to succeed in today’s world. Through this fellowship, fellows will not only be trained in 21st century skills to get an edge over others but also be taught functional and digital literacy to ensure level playing field despite their prior knowledge and background.

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