Physical Computing

Physical Computing
1 Introduction to Physical Computing
Basics on to how to start with Physical Computing sessions
2 Different types of Microelectronic boards - Presentation
An overview of different type of IoT boards
3 Part 1 - Getting Started Guide - Presentation
Connect your Arduino with your computer using IDE
4 Part 2 - Getting Started Guide - Presentation
Connecting Basic electronic components and coding
5 Part 3 - Getting Started Guide - Presentation
6 Activity Card 1 - Alcohol Detection - Presentation
Activity card to facilitate Alcohol detection using MQ sensor.
7 Activity Card 2 - Earthquake Detection - Presentation
Activity card to facilitate Earthquake Detection using inbuilt accelerometer and gyroscope.
8 Activity Card 3 - Heart Monitor - Presentation
Activity card to facilitate Heart rate monitoring using a pulse sensor.
9 Activity Card 4 - Smart Irrigation Pump - Presentation
Activity card to facilitate irrigation using water pump and relay.
10 Activity Card 5 - Water Quality Test - Presentation
Activity card to facilitate testing of water quality using pH sensor and display.
11 Internet of Things (IoT)
12 Circuit Design and CAD


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