1. How can I articulate my ideas/Solution/Product using just one page.
    One pager template : {Here}

  2. Is there any template for submitting the pitch deck?
    Pitch deck template : {here}

  3. Is there any template to measure my SDG Impact?
    Template for Communicating my SDG Impact {here}

  4. Collective Intelligence for Sustainable Development: 13 Stories from the UNDP Accelerator Labs

  5. Strategy to Scale Innovation for Development?

  6. Impact of COVID-19 on Youth-Led Social Entrepreneurship?

  7. Social entrepreneurship, a pathway to leave no Indigenous person behind

  8. Why gaining a mentor should be on top of your to-do list as a young social entrepreneur?

  9. Learn more about climate change and how young entrepreneurs are leading the charge to create a sustainable future:

  10. Examples of Youth Co:Lab India startups taking on the challenges of climate change:

    More details :

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