#5th Edition: Innovations in Audio Tech

Innovations in Audio Tech

Problem Statements
  1. To use technology to solve the music industry’s most pressing problems, innovate the future of music, and support the cultures surrounding it
  2. To build stronger music-friendly innovation that brings professionals together to highlight how music and technology can become a new catalyst for diversifying the music ecosystem
  3. To integrate soundwave technology that automatically measures user's hearing and then adapts music accordingly
  4. The needs of customers to differentiate a product or service from others
  5. To democratizes access to cutting-edge AI audio technologies and empowers music creators to achieve their full creative potential
Focus Areas
  1. Creation of therapy methods to diagnose and rehabilitate neuro-developmental disabilities
  2. Sound of Indian musical instruments to be used for horns of vehicles
  3. AR/VR platform that creates live audio experiences with visuals, lights, sounds, physical object interactions, and audience participation
  4. Indic Language translations
  5. Communications with Animals, Communication with new-borns (Cry translator, Chatterbaby)
  6. Digital Audio Workstation
  7. Innovative Musical instruments
  8. Blockchain technologies to transform the way music is produced, bought, sold, listened to and managed in a fair and transparent way
Cohort Benefits
  1. Opportunity to earn a POC with participating corporates
  2. Access to extended network of Startup Réseau
  3. Business Insights
  4. Access to Enterprise Assests
  5. Industry Credibility
  6. Access to Investors

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