#1st Edition: Fintech

AIM iLEAP First Cohort: Fin-Tech

AIM-iLEAP, a series of Enterprise and Investor Demo Days is organized by Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog in partnership with Startup Réseau and VISA to support its various initiatives, programs, and beneficiaries through a structured program. AIM-iLEAP (Innovative Leadership for Entrepreneurial Agility and Profitability) was launched with a view to support startups in overcoming two major bottlenecks - market and investor access. 

Evaluation and Shortlisting of Startups

8 startups were shortlisted for the program. Applications were evaluated on the basis of:

  1. Year of Establishment
  2. Founders background
  3. Scalability of the solution
  4. Reasons for joining the program
  5. Ability to add value to the peer group

Program Orientation:

The cohort was kicked-off with an “Overview of the Fintech Ecosystem Landscape in India”, by Ajay Ramasubramaniam, Founder & CEO, Startup Réseau; followed by an introduction to the AIM iLEAP program and an introductory showcase of all startups from the cohort.

Startup Details


FinOS provides a reliable, robust, and affordable solution for banks and financial institutions to offer financial services to the world’s 2 billion underbanked and unbanked. Fintech B2B Enterprise SaaS Digitalizing Banks and Financial Institutions especially Microfinance & Cooperatives.

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VillPay is a hyper-local assisted finserv platform, helping Bharat customers in availing efficient banking & utility services through it's retail network.

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Kutumba is your family's financial seatbelt. Kutumba empowers your family with financial-life preparedness by helping you to discover, document, risk-proof, and share your financial-life information with your family.

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MudraCircle is an Intelligent NeoBanking Platform which has eliminated all the pain in Applying & Managing a Unsecured Business loan or Unsecured Instant Business Overdraft and has automated the whole process with to a few minutes.

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Earnhance is India's first wealth management platform build for young indians to Save, Shop and Invest in different assets starting from as low as Rs.20.

LinkedIn, https://earnhance.in


Yottol is democratising the private wealth industry in India by building a multi-product, omnichannel, financial product distribution platform.

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Strafox Consulting India Pvt Ltd

Lend Partners is an Invoice Discounting platform which helps Vendors raise money against their Invoices by connecting them to Investors (Retail Investors, NBFCs/banks, etc) who are looking for new opportunities to invest by on boarding with us.


Finaara Technologies Pvt Ltd

Finaara Technologies - a leading global provider of Information technology services for the past decade is committed towards delivering solutions that is ‘Beyond Innovation’. Finaara offers a broad range of ‘Process to Application’ (P to A) development and tailor-made software solutions dedicated to an extensive range of products and services that work together to provide a constant flow of updated information

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Co-Founder Details

Program Schedule

1 26th April, 2021

Application opens

2 25th May, 2021

Application closes

3 14th - 17th June, 2021


4 30th June, 2021


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