Ecosystem Development

Ecosystem Development

Ecosystem development deals with catalyzing and augmenting the efforts of AIM through strategic initiatives and partnerships along with mapping and strengthening the innovation ecosystem.

The main objective of AEDP is connecting various stakeholders through various platforms to facilitate better flow of activities in the innovation ecosystem. The team has been constantly working on developing programs and planning out activities to meet this objective.

Strategic programs have been implemented and collaborations forged that provided an additional layer of support for the AIM grantees, improving their chances of success. This support could also be in the form of capacity building, knowledge resources and transfer, access to resources, mentoring support and so on and so forth. Below are the achievements based on this so far:

  • 50+ partnerships (total): Collaborations with Corporates, MSMEs, Foundations, NGOs etc.
  • 10 international partners that support AIM for Infrastructure support, Market/ investor/ enterprise access, creation of several modules etc.
  • Spectacular engagement from AIM affiliated startups with 60+ startups exhibiting and 200+ participants at India France digital summit.
  • Review mechanism put in place
  • Proactive approach to relevant partners
  • AEDP is also working on creating an ecosystem research group at AIM where-ecoscope mapping of the ecosystem will be carried out and a platform is in creation to anchor innovation scholars and practitioners.

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