Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

Attitudinal Shift of Teachers towards Teaching and Tinkering in School and the extended Community.

Our teachers experienced that the ATL initiative became a fertile ground with the perfect natural nutrients, to feed the unlimited thirst for knowledge in children. They experienced wonder and boundless excitement in projects that were close to their hearts. A spontaneous synergy emerged between students, teachers, mentors and extended community; developing trust in the architecture, design and framework of our Atal Innovation Mission.

As a result, the teachers are willing and enthusiastic to explore beyond the syllabus. They have displayed whole hearted involvement in tapping the innovative potential in students. As team members, they are working beyond the usual mandate of working as per the prescribed syllabus. They are now effectively engaged in a process of education that manifests as the emotional, cultural and technical upbringing of future citizens who are going to empower the nation’s quest for competitive excellence among 196 nations.

The methodology of our management of the ATL has been noticed and acknowledged by experts and institutions directly and indirectly with our school. As a result, there have been numerous visits by renowned personalities and other experts who have appreciated as well as mentored our team efforts and so, the team has grown.


Schools and educational institutions from as far as Jammu and Kashmir have visited our ATL, experienced and gained insights about conducting their own innovation centres of ATL.
We are actively engaged with visiting schools and students to facilitate their first exposure and orientation of this national AIM, as they expressed interest in widening their horizons by visiting our ATL.
While scientific and technological research will lead to the ability to contribute towards Research and Development manufacturing process; creating self-motivated and self-sufficient creative citizens, schools, teachers, educationists and institutions is the most important result that has emerged.
What the teachers want the students to be, is what the teachers are themselves becoming – citizens innovatively engaged in empowering the infrastructural as well as the cultural training of a profoundly transformed India.

Geetanjali Bodhankar
Principal, MES BSM English Medium School, Pune