AEDP Partnerships

AEDP Partnerships

The process of partnership involves forging and managing the relationship with potential and outgoing partners from end-to-end. In order to strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, proactive engagement with partners is needed. The major outcome of Partnerships for AEDP involves the forging of 50+ partnerships including corporates, foundations, NGOs which support the AIM beneficiaries in various ways such as providing infrastructure support, investor access for the startups and adoption of ATLs.

To strengthen partnerships, following steps are followed by the team at AEDP:

1. Connect with potential Partners: There exist robust and quality partnerships with the government, corporates, academia, NGOs, International partners, etc.

2. Regular Engagement: To feel connected with the partners, the regular engagement with the festive wishes, and sharing new launches with the help of email-updates is maintained.

3. Monitor & Review: To stay updated, regular monitoring and review is conducted.

4. Partner Performance Metric: Creating a Partner Performance Metric based on the data collected from quarterly updates of the current partners engagements.

The outcome of the partnerships involve:

1. Market Access

2. Integration of AIM program with other Ministries/departments.

3. Access to international and national methodologies.

4. Scaling up AIM programs.

5. Infrastructure support

6. Benefits for the beneficiaries like Funding, mentoring, etc.

7. Visibility, platforms, outreach etc.

8. Help government absorb innovation

9. Miscellaneous support

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