Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

Live Webinar based on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

I am Mrs. Mugdha Kulkarni, the ATL Lab In-charge at Dnyanganga English Medium School, Pune, Maharashtra. Basically, I am a computer teacher and have been handling my IT department successfully since last 12 years. We have conducted a Live Webinar on 12th August 2020 & 17th August 2020 with a dedicated topic on "Design Thinking" & "Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning" respectively.


In the webinar around 450 -500 participants were joined including teachers, parents & students. The first Live webinar was based on Introduction to ATL Lab & Design Thinking. This was organized to make the students and their parents understand about what AIM’s Mission is and what is Design Thinking. We also discussed on how we can solve our social problems, environmental problems using the ATL Lab. The second live webinar was based on AI & ML in which students and teachers were introduced to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The webinar covered – what is AI & ML, how it is done and what is the difference between Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.


After the first webinar, students started coming up with their own problem statements and their solutions. After showing the informative presentation of AI, students are coming up with the queries regarding futuristic aspects of AI like will they replace us or will they assist us in our future. This was a great learning experience for everyone.

Mrs. Mugdha Kulkarni
ATL Incharge