Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame


I am Eshan Bhatta, studying in Grade X at Anand Niketan Maninagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat and working under the guidance of my ATL In-charge Mr. Johny Abraham.

I was awarded a cash prize and a trophy at CSIR Innovation Award for School Children 2019 ,graced by presence of Honorable President of India and the Minister of Science and Technology, Govt. of India , for my innovative work titled "Smart Feeding Spoon for Parkinson Patients".


The very idea of this project came from the daily experience of my neighborhood friend who himself is suffering from Parkinson. I designed and developed a feeding spoon for Parkinson patients, which could become a boon for the sufferers of this neurodegenerative disorder in the future. Patients suffering Parkinson’s disease have serious tremor that happens whenever they try to grab something with their hands. More accurately it happens whenever they focus on the part of their body because their brain is damaged thus cannot control the body on their will. Major disadvantage that comes with this symptom is not being able to eat on their own. My well thought designed spoon promises to stabilize the vibrations and help make feeding on their own a reality. Being able to eat unaided is a huge issue for people with Parkinson’s Disease. Assistive tools like these spoons can give people back a much-needed sense of self-sufficiency and safety. Not only that, being able to eat in public without embarrassment or fear is hugely helpful in maintaining a sense of dignity and confidence and avoiding the isolation and depression that so all-too-often accompany a progressive illness. For the 12 million Parkinson patients, the specially designed spoon will not be just an electronic spoon; it is a tool that could give them their dignity and self-respect back.


I learnt to be compassionate for my fellow beings, understand the concerns of the people around me and be innovative enough to find the solutions for their concerns. I felt blessed to see the smile on my friends face who was suffering from Parkinson, after having used my device.