Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

Journey as a Mentor

I am Abinaya Inbamani working as an Assistant Professor in the department of EEE at Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Our Head of Department Dr. S U Prabha and the Principal Dr. N R Alamelu helped me in this journey throughout by giving me an opportunity to explore new ways and means to reach the students. Their guidelines indeed paved a way for me to continue this journey. I chose KPM SCHOOL AND RATHINAM INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL in June 2020. Once I chose the school, the ATL in-charge of the school, Mr. Nelson contacted me immediately and looked for means to reach out the students. I started interacting with the students on all Saturdays from 11 AM to 12 PM. Though the session is planned till 12 PM, it never ends on time as the students keep posting numerous questions, which I love to answer. The time keeps extending as the classes move on week by week which shows that the students are more and more interactive. I started following the ATL curriculum and as of now, the portions starting from Introduction to ATL lab till Design Thinking are over. The computational thinking module is currently in progress. Microsoft Teams platform is used for the meeting and and once the class gets over, the pdf document is shared with the students.


Two projects are currently in progress - 1) Project on Automatic Hand Sanitizer by Hariharan from Grade 6 and 2) Women Safety Device by Neha. The documents prepared by them for the projects were very professional and included all the steps like Scope, Generate, Analyze and Optimize. I hope the students from the school will reach greater heights soon. I really enjoy mentoring the little kids. A session was exclusively arranged for teachers by the ATL in-charge on the topic "Introduction to Internet of things", wherein the teachers at the school along with the school Principal Dr. K C Sunanda attended the session. The School principal was even more interactive, and the teachers showed more interest in converting the ideas to reality.


So far, the takeaway from my mentoring experience is that - The more you teach, the more you learn!

Abinaya Inbamani
Mentor of Change