Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

Science Exposer Bus - Education on Wheels

Abhinav School has always been promoting students in extra activities. Due to the Atal Tinkering Lab in the school, there is a great interest in the students. Due to this, many code clubs and extra activities were started in the school which proved to be very inspiring for students. Through the lab, the school is associated with many international events. Abhinav school is one of the renowned schools in Udaipur providing education services more than last 3 decades. This organization is established by Mr. Surendra Rawal, the chairman of the organization. The school is providing education to 1500 students of Udaipur and near about 100 staff is working in the school as a member of Abhinav family. Mrs. Saroj Nagar is the Managing Directress of the school. The school is having excellent rating in Udaipur as per the study level and board results. The school is constantly giving good growth to the students of local area. The board results are also excellent of this school. And another concern is Abhinav English Medium School, Udaipur which is an Institution of national importance that provides quality all round education to young boys to develop a sound mind, a robust physique and strong moral values which enable them to become leaders of men, serving the nation.

UDAIPUR FIRST MOBILE SCIENCE BUS: SCIENCE EXPOSURE was powered by ABHINAV SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL and supported by ARYABHATTA SCIENCE COMMUNITY CENTRE. The school launched the most advanced science-based platform to boost the students’ performance manifold. The science exposure bus is a one stop solution of all the queries in the best possible manner. It is based on our unique guidelines and a step by step approach for the better understanding of subject. Usually appealing models are developed after an in-depth research by the scholars which can be easily understood by the students. The science exposure bus is associated with the mission of Atal Tinkering Labs initiated by the Government of India. The main Moto of the project is to enhance the knowledge in a very effective and smooth manner. Our School is one of the leading institutes in using technology to enhance the quality of education. The best offerings by school in bus are Around 50 Working Models Brain Storming Math Puzzles Exhibitory Content Poster Based Science Contents Mini Science Library.


We are proud to feel that we are lighting up the knowledge of the subject amongst the students of remote and rural areas and shaping their future in the field. We learnt that the project is useful for students to make the difficult topic easy to understand, which also promotes their interest and retention simultaneously. It is never too early to learn Science; in fact, young children are exposed to science every day. It is our mission to help them link these everyday observations through our specially curated lessons in the comfort of your classroom or join us in our learning journey programs.

Surendra Rawal