Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

Wow moments - The winning spree

I, Madhavi Goswami, see myself as a strongly committed, optimistic and a self-driven mentor/teacher. I am a continuous learner and a technology zealot. I have distinguished myself in multiple areas of academia, including teaching, research, and service. It has always been my constant endeavors to co evolve with young enthusiastic learners. I continually strive to sculpt myself to deliver educational excellence in consonance with the needs of my 21st century students. I realize the unique interests, talents and potential of each child and believe in crafting academic environment suited to discover a child’s natural proclivities. I believe that a teacher has a charisma to help students evolve into an individual who is well-poised to deal with all challenges of life and become a contributing citizen. My pedagogical approach includes experiential and discussion-based interactive learning. I am on an ambitious and enthralling journey to bring about a change with an undeterred focus on child centric empowering education. I have received the Teacher of Change award from AIM, NITI AAYOG. My environment projects were appreciated at the Climate Summit, New York. Under my mentorship, my students have become a part of SIRIUS SOCHI Russia project, were in top hundred in ATL marathon, received IBM and GE training, won inspire MANAK and CBSE science exhibitions, hackathons, and marathons etc. to name a few.


Today is a wow moment for me as a teacher/mentor and the convener of ATL Tinkering Lab at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Vasundhara Ghaziabad, as I stand at the acme acknowledged and appreciated for building a name and fame for my ATL as we made a mark in the super ATLs list rolled out by AIM, NITI Aayog. When I look back and reminisce the journey had not been easy and immediate. There was no magic wand! It has been the consistent and focused endeavors, without losing sight to reach this position. This is not the end as we will strive to achieve more.

Here, I am narrating a few initiatives taken by me, which led to the plethora of innovations and awards won by my students under my mentorship.

  • To make ATL a student led community, I setup the student advisory and management committee
  • Developed reference material for students for enhancing self- learning in them
  • Developed a three-year structured ATL development plan to monitor and check our own progress
  • Designed a progressive curriculum plan mapped with lesson plan detailing learning objectives to facilitate teaching and learning in order to give a springboard to student innovations
  • Set up a Mini Library of reference books in ATL to allow unlimited learning to happen
  • Identified passionate teachers and made an ATL teacher team, provided capacity building to them by management’s consent and cooperation
  • Developed a Monthly Teacher Training schedule for them, stared peer teacher training program to grow and strengthen the chain of teachers
  • Encouraged students to participate in various events like PY Delhi Meet ups and events by techno giants like Google, Microsoft, and Apple
  • Made an engaging connect with ATL students and kept them motivated engaged and abreast of all happenings about the various opportunities, events, and competitions through Telegram, WhatsApp groups, Information board, ATL Facebook page etc.
  • Connected with IIT Madras and IIT Delhi for skill development of students, made a team of renowned school Alumni and sought their cooperation for strengthening the skills in my ATL students
  • Started extended hands on community workshops free of cost for the nearby community members and families so that they understand and support their children in their innovation Journey

My biggest takeaway from this experience has been that we should continuously co-learn, un-learn and relearn to unleash the full potential.

Madhavi Goswami