Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

From a Thatched Hut to the Rashtrapati Bhavan!

This is Vimal Gond, Harish Choudhary and Tarun Maitry from the GOVT MULTIPURPOSE HR SEC SCHOOL BILASPUR, CHHATTISGARH. Our school is a hundred- and fifteen-years old institution and there are many wings such as Science, Arts, Commerce, Electrical, Electronics, Patho lab etc. Our school has won many prestigious accolades in every field such as NCC, Science Exhibitions, NSS, Sports, Cultural Activities - both at the state and the national level. We represented India in the IRC International competition held at Dubai. We also won the CSIR Competition. Our innovation, ECOGYM was placed in the top five of the ATL MARATHON 2017. The projects that the three of us worked on i.e. ATAL KRISHI MITRA in the AGRITECH SECTOR, GREEN SHIELD in DESIGN INFRASTRUCTURE, SMART MECHANICAL BIO TOILET in WASTE MANAGEMENT SECTOR, was featured in the TOP 50 in ATL MARATHON 2018. We won the National Science Exhibition conducted by Guru Ghasidas Central University, got place in the Platinum Club category by VIGYAN PRASAR CENTRAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT. We also presented our innovation in front of Shri Narendra Modi Ji, Prime Minister of India And Shri Vladimir Putin President of Russia. We also signed an MOU with INDIAN RAILWAYS for the deployment of our project MOKCHA.


When the ATAL TINKERING LAB was allotted to us, people mocked us about our abilities saying that the ATL was handed over to the wrong organization and that innovation was not our cup of tea! But we knew our abilities and worked hard for proving our existence. Our innovation journey usually starts from 8 AM until late night 10 PM. We also knew that whenever there is a critical challenge in the way of our innovation journey, the chances of the success increases. After representing India in the DUBAI INTERNATIONAL ROBOTICS COMPTETION and securing a berth in the top five of the ATL MARATHON 2017 in the Clean Energy Segment, our colleagues were of the opinion that these achievements were merely by chance. So, we had to prove ourselves in the field of innovation. ATL Marathon 2018 was the perfect platform for us to prove our abilities. We started our work and the typical challenges as a barrier started following us. Teachers from our school were deployed on Election Duty and our ATL In-charge, Dr. Dhananjay Pandey was given the charge of Social Media under the Media Certification and Monitoring Committee and his duty continued for more than two months. But we were determined to prove our abilities and we started working from 7 PM after the election duty of our teacher and were in the lab till 11 PM. But misfortune started following us and we were advised to be ready for the Half yearly Examinations by the school administration. We managed this challenge somehow, but the bigger challenge was still to come! There was sudden demise of the father of our ATL in-charge and we thought that now it is impossible to complete our projects. However, with great determination and dedication, our sir was back in assisting us in our Innovation journey. All adverse challenges in our way of innovation journey did not break our will. We were sure about our positive attitude towards our work. Duty, Devotion and Determination are the three Ds of Life. Our three projects were selected in the top 50 of the ATL MARATHON 2018. We even presented our innovation - ATAL KRISHI MITRA before the Honorable President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind Ji!


Naturally, after participating in the ATL Marathon and demonstrating our project in Rashtrapati Bhavan in front of the first citizen of India, the happiness and emotions experienced by us cannot be put in words. The feeling was out of the world and the English Dictionary was incompetent to fill it in its words and phrases. Our struggle finally bore the fruits.