Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

Wings to Dream

Springdales is a progressive educational institution. The school was established in 1955 with its commitment to national revival and internationalism. Its motto 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam', the world is a family encapsulates the vision that has guided the school over the years.

The school works at three levels: Internationally, Nationally and Regionally.

School has been involved with innumerable global exchanges across the world. Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Korea, Bangladesh, China, Bhutan, Srilanka along with Nations that are a part of the Global Education Leadership Programme which is a consortium of 63 countries.

The school is at the helm of innumerable policies for the Government at the Central and State level, creating manuals for Teacher training manuals, Curriculum Development, Value and Peace Education manuals, Adolescent and life skill development engagement to name a few.

On 28th July 2018, with the help of Niti Aayog, there was a new addition of Atal Tinkering Lab in the school, whose present and future was a black slate for teachers. Being a Physics teacher, and In-charge of Atal Tinkering Lab, Dr. Pramada Lele in initial days concentrated on electrical and electronic workshops for the students.

Later on, she realised that this was an ocean! Students were not only found taking interest but also were very keen to work on various real time projects, sensors and ideation creation and designing workshops. The most important change in the students was only because of the lack of prescribed syllabus and absence of examination. It helped every student to take the challenges as per their pace and likings.

Most important projects for her were ‘Smart dustbin’ which attracted students to not only put the trash in the bin but also inculcated the importance of cleanliness around the campus by grabbing few points moment they used the dustbin and which allowed to get free food from the canteen as an incentive!

Another project was Agro-Tech based on smart agricultural practices where students have used solar cell, solar pump, UV and IR sensors to control over grazing, Moisture detector, automatic drip irrigation and so on. This project actually helped her to gain confidence about the handling real time solutions for the present problems.

Then she helped students to prepare a multi-sensor belt for elderly person to detect a fall and in case of emergency inform the neighbours, dear ones and the hospital. Simultaneously students used flex sensors to help a person suffering from partial facial paralysis. By raising the fingers, a patient can inform the attendant what he wanted, such as index finger – water, middle finger – washroom, small finger – food and so on. In case the attendant ignores the sign, he will get a message on his phone. Still he misses it, then it gets scrolled on the TV screen and still he ignores it then a message further goes to near one to inform that attendant is ignoring the patient.

The school has welcomed school bus drivers, guards, Government school students and community school students to the lab and provided them the access and an opportunity to work with sophisticated instruments such as 3-D printer, drill machines etc. During Atal Community Day, a huge number of students from community and schools which do not have the access to Atal Lab experienced a day long activity filled with fun, excitement, experience and knowledge. Now surely, she can say that incomplete circle in her school is really complete now. She can feel the life and excitement in the eyes of the students which becomes inspiration for her.

She said-“The lab has given me wings and a power to dream. The lab has also successfully brought challenges in my life which I always like to take head on and not last but the least, the monotonous pattern in my life is over! Whenever I enter in the lab, I feel younger, energetic and powerful. Every day in the lab brings me closer to the new technologies and an opportunity to work on it.

I am sure that such kind of labs will develop the required skills in our students which further will help them to either grab the desired jobs or to go for start-ups and create jobs for others!

Long Live Atal Labs In The Nation!!!”

ATL Incharge : Pramada Lele
School : Springdales School, Pusa Road, Delhi
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SpringdalesSchool/