Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

Small City, Big Dreams

Getting a good education in a small city has its own set of challenges. The foundation and history of a school in Sonipat, a small city in Haryana, is story of sheer hard-work and inspiration beginning when Shri S K Sharma, a great visionary and an educationist, planted a sapling named Rishikul Vidyapeeth with a hope that it would one day become a boon for younger generations to acquire knowledge, experience, skills and right attitudes that would help them to lead a better life. With the passage of time, that dream gradually turned into reality as the school currently has achieved the denomination of being one of the premier institutions of India, that attracts students from different parts within and outside the country.

The students of the school have always been budding innovators and identifying their needs, the school applied for Atal Tinkering Lab which was established in December 2018. By providing constant support and guidance to the students, the lab has had great success.

In the months following its inception, the excitement of students was at another level. Looking at the excitement of students, school realised that teachers have additional responsibilities to take care of. A dedicated ATL in-charge was appointed for the lab. With the help of the ATL in-charge, the students grew more organized in their innovation endeavours. Recently, the school even organised a live session for students on enabling Technology Commercialisation by Professor K Vijay Ragavan, Principal, Scientific Adviser to the Government of India. The students also started participating in various science exhibitions. For instance, the students from the Middle wing prepared and exhibited an automation device.

A summer camp was also organised for students in which they learned about robotics and worked on various ATL tool kits. ATL in-charges planned and utilized the time effectively for students in such a way that their curricular hours were not affected. In fact, the ATL classes are extremely streamlined with their own timetable including lectures and hands-on hours. In this manner students get time to work on their innovations and projects efficiently. ATL in-charges motivate the students regularly as that is for the success for any ATL. The ATL in-charges even visited Australia with some students to observe Robotics and Chemistry lab at the Burnside State High School, Australia.

The collaborative efforts of three ATL in-charges and the creativity of students has led the school and its students to a great learning experiences in spite of being housed in a small city.

ATL Incharge : Chanchal Chauhan, Neelam Ahlawat, Amita
School : Rishikul Vidyapeeth Sonipat
Facebook : https://m.facebook.com/atlrishikulvidyapeethsonipat/