Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

From an Innovator to an Author

Anarya started playing with blocks at the tender age of 2. He would keep playing - arranging, disarranging the blocks until he got the desired result. The dedication and perseverance he exhibited at such a young age was exemplary. This behaviour proved to be the defining days of his childhood and as time passed, it extended to a growing interest in electronics appliances and more.


Starting off with the spare parts of his toys, Anarya eventually moved on to exploring electronic gadgets with time. He would dismantle the electronic items at his home with screw drivers to study the inner parts of these gadgets. His parents were particularly happy and encouraging as they could see their son moving in a good direction.

Anarya’s dedication, curiosity and creativity materialized in him designing a robot when he was just in his first standard at school! This was only the beginning of his bright future. However, with time, his parents and teachers started to worry about his future as there was no one who could guide him. Anarya was clearly way ahead of his peers and the guidance he needed was equivalent to what was taught in 12th standard or in fact Engineering. Fortunately, the establishment of Atal Tinkering Lab in his school came to the rescue and quelled these fears.

Because of the various opportunities available at the Atal Tinkering Lab, Anarya started learning Robotics and exploring other electrical equipment in 7th standard. He stayed back in the lab after school, working on various models using the ATL kits. He explored areas like the Internet of Things(IOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Sensors, Servo Motors etc, but ARDUINO appealed to him the most. This interest led him to write a book on ARDUINO for beginners in merely a week’s time!

This was an incredibly proud moment for his parents and teachers. On his great achievement, he received appreciation from Mr. Ashish Adhikari (Service Desk Support Analyst), who works at Southern Cross Austereo, Australia. He expressed his deepest appreciation for the exceptional work of this ‘Little Master’. He stated "People like him are rare".


Anarya has set an extraordinary example for students to tinker and harness great learnings from the ATL lab. His story also exemplifies the need to promote creative, innovative mind set in schools.

Student : Anarya
ATL Incharge : Nitin Chaudhari
School : R. C . Patel Secondary School and Jr. College Shirpur, Dist. Dhule, Maharashtra