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Wall of Fame

Innovation award - Children Innovation Festival

Krishna Bansal, grade 11 student from Anand Niketan Mani Nagar, Ahmedabad, represented the idea “ RAKSHIK – COVID PROTECTIVE GEAR FOR HEALTH WORKERS ” at Children Innovation Festival organized by GUSEC and UNICEF. The first protective gear - A Smart Cheap Wearable device for the healthcare workers in this fight against covid. Wearable health monitoring technologies, including smartwatches and fitness trackers, have attracted considerable consumer interest over the past few years. Our device right now measures the pulse and is expected in future to analyze lower oxygen levels in hemoglobin will help in early detection of COVID-19. I have used Pulse sensors & Arduino nano and programmed the same to make this protype. Since this device is a wearable, this can help front line workers such as doctors, nurses, police officers and sanitation workers who are doing day and night service to fight against COVID-19. By sending the data to the cloud it will create a huge database for researchers working on medical solutions to COVID-19. The second working device will prevent anyone from touching their own face. This gear can be easily fit on any normal hat, and this will alert you every time you bring your hands close to your eyes, nose and mouth. The third gear is Respirator for Front Line Covid-19 Workers powered by HEPA filters. This device pushes clean air into a 3mm mask. This utilizes a 12 V Fan to push the air through 700 Hepa filters or carbon filters available cheaply in the market.

The very thought of this project came after reading an article published in Ahmedabad Mirror on September 18th, 2020, which mentioned the apathy of the doctors in the fight of this covid pandemic. There were reports of doctors being infected and lack of health care persons to tackle the covid situation at the hospitals. These were the lines of Shri Jayanti Ravi Principal Secretary, Health Department. I quote “These are extra ordinary circumstances. We need to think of unique solutions”. It is these lines and the covid adversity that led me to think of the protective Gear I have made.

At the age of 15 years, the idea of RAKSHIK got registered as a startup under GUSEC. It was a proud moment to get felicitated by the Chief Minister of Gujarat and got featured in the “50 Young Innovators Changing India” booklet released by GUSEC.

Krishna Bansal
Anand Niketan Maninagar, AHMEDABAD