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ATL Community Day 2022

Adarsh Public School, Vikas Puri celebrated ATL COMMUNITY DAY with great vigor on 3rd August 2022, wherein students and the teachers from various schools of Delhi were invited, who participated enthusiastically in this event.

The event was a big success with the participation of around 60 students of 10 different schools of the vicinity.

The day began with an interesting and enriching session for the students on “Sensors and Circuits” by the guest speaker of the day and was followed by an engrossing activity for the students. The school ATL Team showcased their innovation with a perfect blend of technology in their projects on Smart Technologies. This was followed by hands-on session on latest technical know-how supported for the students with activity-based learning and working approach. The various activities were held, which witnessed whole-hearted participation by our young mentors. The young ambassadors of Adarsh Public School Vikas Puri were later invited by Adarsh Public School Bali Nagar to conduct a workshop for the students of wherein they took a hands-on session on designing Paper Circuits to make electrons move. A team of 10 students, not only encouraged the students of host school, but also motivated them by displaying their latent potential of Tinkering with the Exhibition of their projects. The Atal Tinkering Lab of our school also organized an engaging activity to make Paper Circuits for all the students of classes VI - X. The activity enhanced their creativity and imagination along with their listening and fine motor skills. The activity was conducted in the classrooms by the Science Faculty of the school. The students were explained about the concept of Electric Circuit and the flow of current through a copper tape and taught about the basics like positive and negative terminal, LED, and circuit connection. The students were encouraged to perform the activity on their own after the demonstration by the teachers. They made beautiful drawings and patters and lighted the LEDs in their respective designs. Students created their own masterpiece by using the concepts of science along with creativity and imagination.

Every team had a mentor, non-ATL school kids, underprivileged kids and SDPS children. It was amazing to see how children from different walks of society can innovate together. Some of the remarkable outputs: Making useful and sellable items like wall hangings, bird house, Photo frames from non-useful items. All the children were equally involved, and innovation was focused on problem solving and real application, particularly for underprivileged section of our society.

SMALL ACTS OF FEW PEOPLE, CAN ALSO TRANSFORM THE WORLD There was an atmosphere of learning with great zest and zeal and overall it was an overwhelming experience for the teachers as well as the students.

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