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Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

Two different personalities with one goal of Innovation

Keeping true to the fact the opposites poles of the magnet attract each other, Gautam and Swayam are proving themselves that they are truly different personalities. Swayam is a studious student who would cry for losing a single mark whereas Gautam never cared for marks until he’d get scolded by his mom, but both are the shinning stars of the school, bringing laurels and working tirelessly to explore, learn and create something different. The school started its ATL in 2018. All they know is that they can add something to extend the functionality of the thing they create. Trying their luck and effort in various competitions and events, they learned a lot and bagged various interschool events one after the other and even reached to IRC Nationals and IFT Bootcamp.

About IFT Event –

From a pool of 7,100+ school children across 130 cities, and out of the top 24 teams, 2 teams were shortlisted for the finale from our school to ideate on innovative sustainable solutions for India’s Water Crisis. Water theme was focused on water availability & shortage, usage & wastage, cleaning & sanitation, transportation & shortage and so on.

To solve the problem of water scarcity, our students participated in India's Future Tycoon season 2 and got selected for the bootcamp. It was a nationwide hunt for ideas that can build a better future which aimed to empower children to unlock their true potential by adopting an entrepreneurial mindset, encouraging them to build perspectives about real-life ‘problems’ and creating sustainable solutions. Students get a chance to work on their ideas, qualify for an intense boot camp and showcase their venture ideas to the startup community and industry veterans. Swayam Arora and Gautam Gupta came up with a solution to solve it by implementing their idea of a water less toilet. At the initial level they created a water less toilet only which with the passage of time turned out to be their dream project PRARAMABH.

The above idea also bagged the First prize at National Science Centre under Vigyan Srijanotsav and was among top 5 for CBSE regional science fair and has also been selected for Avishkaar Makeathon. Both of them got really excited when they were shortlisted for a 3-day bootcamp at Mumbai hosted by IFT in association with AIM where there project bagged the Most Innovative Award.

Praramabh Toilet at call was implemented by the students initially as a waterless toilet which segregated solid and liquid waste converting electricity from urine and manure from solid waste. With the passage of time, students when they took it to various competitions realized they needed to improvise it and kept on adding new features to it. The toilet has a self-water producer that converts air to water that is used for hand washing. It is also now a mobile one with connectivity to apps and websites where they have planned to have requests from users who are in need but also added a means from where people can buy manure and the product which aids in making medicine produced from urine.

It was a matter of pride for the school, their parents who supported them and for Swayam and Gautam itself as they not only bagged prize but now are charged up to innovate further. The boot camp hosted by Indias Future Tycoon made them think of innovating for a problem finding consumers for their product, building stories to sell it but must important of all is to become Entrepreneurs for Tomorrow.

Swayam Arora and Gautam Gupta
Darbari Lal DAV Model School