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Wall of Fame

Community Day 2022

On the occasion of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s birth anniversary on 14th April, we at APS Noida, celebrated three fun- filled days from April 11 th -13 th with students of non- ATL schools. On 11 th April 2022, 25 students of AMAR PUBLIC SCHOOL, Sec 37, NOIDA were invited. On 12th April 2022 students of BALSAGAR PUBLIC SCHOOL, SEC 53, Gijhore, NOIDA were invited. On 13th April 2022, students from Saashkar hum Foundation and another batch of Amar Public School, Sec 37, Noida visited ATL. They were introduced to ATL. Students performed the following hands-on activities: a) Working of parallel and series circuits with the help of breadboard and LED. b) Use of agro kit to find the acidic and basic nature of the soil. b) Preparing a car and truck with the help of a DIY kit. c) Use of bio kit. d) Preparing a Model of stethoscope with the help of tube and balloons.

Students were invited, and they were taken on a round to the ATL. Then hands-on activities were performed with them. A mechanical kit was given to them to prepare the car and truck. They were enjoying working on the 3D printer.

When we do something for the community, the joy is spiritual.