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Wall of Fame

TAS (Temperature and attendance scanner)

Namaste. I'm Dhruv Sanjay, one of the members of team ‘AND TECH’. I study in 10th grade at Bhavans Vidya Mandir, Geiringer. I started my tinkering journey when I was in 6th grade and have made a lot of projects since then. I have also represented my school in many national and international competitions and have won prizes. My team members are Abhishek Vinod and Nandagopal R Nair

TAS is an effective and sustainable temperature checking and attendance monitoring device that can be efficaciously used on the school campuses. Dhruv Sanjay, Abhishek Vinod and Nandagopal R Nair, students from class X, have worked upon this idea in the ATL lab of the school. Named as the TAS (Temperature and Attendance Scanner), this efficient device can scan temperature and record attendance. It has a temperature sensor on the side which reads body temperature and an RFID reader in the front which can read data from the school ID cards and mark attendance. It is very user-friendly and sustainable which proves beneficial, especially since the users are students of all ages. TAS also records all the data in a data base, accessible and downloadable as an excel file through the school web site, by the school officials. According to teachers, staffs, and the students in our school, the TAS makes life easy by saving a lot of time as well.

When school finally re-opened after being in the online mode for over 2 years, it was important to take the necessary precautions and practice social norms. During the initial days, we saw huge crowds of students staggering around the entrance to scan their body temperature and get inside the campus. The methods used were not efficient and consumed a lot of time and energy. After thinking for a while, the thought of making a smart, productive, practical, and efficient solution came across our minds and we decided WHY NOT. We immediately started brainstorming and listing down ideas/methods to achieve our goal. We then discussed it in detail with our ATL In-charge, Saritha miss and our principal Mrs. Girija and decided on everything that had to be implemented. Over the summer, we prototyped, programmed, and designed the entire project and in no time, we had a fully functioning prototype.

The whole experience was fun as we got to learn so much about programming, microcontrollers, 3d designing, web development and a lot more. We are grateful for having to get such an amazing opportunity to work on this cool project.

Dhruv Sanjay