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Wall of Fame

Science Exhibition at the School

My name is Surendra Bansode, and I am an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer. I am working as the Atal Tinkering Lab Trainer on behalf of Dell and HOPE Foundation at Manavya Vikas Vidyalya Degloor. I was also selected as a Mentor of Change by Atal Innovation Mission in 2021.

This submission is about organizing the Science Exhibition time to time in school. I think this is the best practice which made students freely come to lab and try every small project idea they had. When I joined the school, I noticed that students were hesitant to come to lab and use components. They had thinking that they must build or make super innovative projects only then they will be allowed to lab. This fear stopped many students from coming to lab. Then I started calling every class to the lab and tried taking their views and made them feel relaxed in the lab. Then I came with the idea of organizing project exhibition on National Science Day 2020 with the help of ATL In-charge. Some students came with good projects from YouTube, and some came with very simple projects from their science textbooks. I allowed every small project which students came up with, even allowed just drawing presentation of different body organs. This not only helped me and children but also other staff of the school to start enjoying ATL lab. This was the first ever Science Project Exhibition in the history of school. Principal sir and other teachers appreciated students.

Biggest takeaway from organizing Science Project Exhibition was that students started coming to lab joyfully with all ideas they thought. They learned using basic equipment in lab. Other teachers also started suggesting ideas and encouraging students to use ATL lab. Now students and other teachers started feeling that ATL lab is their own and they can visit and learn and try any project.

Surendra Bansode
Mentor of Change