Atal Innovation Mission

Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

Contribution for the Innovation in Jharkhand

I, Alok Kumar Chaudhary (Coordinator Aaryabhatt Science Club, Ranka) am currently mentoring the students at St Xavier School, Hazaribag and MGM Higher Secondary School, Bokaro. I’m thankful to AIM for giving me this opportunity. As an RMOC in Jharkhand, I also do whatever is possible to help the ATLs in my region.

As I want the state of Jharkhand to get as much benefit as possible from Atal Innovation Mission, as an RMOC, I scheduled a plan to visit different labs of different districts of the state having the belief that this mission is good to help the students. If the school faced any problem, I directed the ATL in charge to get it resolved by helping them with the ATL Query Resolution Portal Link. In the same scenario, I have mentored my assigned schools too. I also got the opportunity to mentor the students in the ATL Tinkerpreneur Bootcamp where I introduced the students to problem-solving approaches, digital product development, finance, digital marketing etc.

To get the maximum output as I visited many schools and encouraged them to be active, I organized mentoring sessions focusing on ATL dashboard, after which many schools of Jharkhand became active. I also interacted with students where I have taken sessions on innovative thinking and encouraged them participate in the ATL Space Challenge, ATL Tinkerpreneur, ATL Marathon etc. like events which would help them develop their scientific and innovative temperament. As a result, in ATL Tinkerpreneur, 6 teams mentored by me were selected in the category of the ‘most consistent’, while only 12 teams were selected in this category from the Jharkhand state. Different digital products developed by the students were also appreciated by the district administration of the Hazaribag District.

Development requires sustainable work and effort to achieve the goal. As I want Jharkhand to grow in the scientific and technology area, I am contributing to the same. Whatever steps I am taking will not change everything but will definitely be able to create some impact for the benefit of the students and schools of the backward state.

Alok Kumar Chaudhary
Mentor of Change