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Wall of Fame

Learning by doing

I am Rachana Kumari, ATL Lab In charge at ALPHA PUBLIC SR SEC SCHOOL BERTHIN, BILASPUR, HIMACHAL PRADESH. I am TGT Arts, giving my services since 2010 in this school and also handling administrative official work.

Our school is in a rural area, so it gives a great opportunity to students from villages to show their potential and talent. Students learn to work in a team and know what teamwork and its value in modern time is. They learn the meaning and role of Empathy in Innovation.


We have conducted a LIVE WEBINAR on 11th, 16th, 18th, and 19th December 2020 on the Topic ATL Gaming Module, ATL -WCF Cyber Smart Portal and ATL Marathon 2020. In the webinar we had around 250-300 participants including students, teachers, and parents. The first live webinar was based on the introduction to the ATL Lab in School and the ATL Gaming Module. This was organized to make the students understand about AIM’s mission to develop their own app. In the second live webinar, we helped students to create their own account and login on the ATL Gaming Module. In the third live webinar, we discussed about ATL-WCF Cyber Smart Portal and the ATL Marathon 2020. We discussed on social, economic problems and how we can solve these problems using ATL.
Students got great knowledge about CYBER problems and every student has become CYBER SMART. Students from classes 9th to 10+2 showed great interest in ATL MARATHON 2020. They were actively using their voting right and choosing the problem they are most passionate to solve. This was a great learning experience for everyone.


I also registered and got a chance to attend a 4-week workshop and webinar series on "Ethics and Leadership in Technology and Innovation" organized by tGELF in collaboration with Atal Tinkering Lab, NITI Aayog. I also attended a webinar on Design Thinking. On 20th February, we gave challenge to students to solve problems using Design Thinking.
We motivated students to participate in ATL MARATHON 2020. Students showed great interest and made several projects/ models on the problem statements like on SMART CITIES AND SMART VILLAGES, SMALL BUSINESS etc.


ATL is the best opportunity for students to innovate their ideas and becoming self-dependent and to help India become ATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT.

Rachana Kumari
ATL In Charge