Atal Innovation Mission

Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame


Mamta Modern Sr. Sec School as one of the premier educational institution, aspires to equip the young minds for the 21st Century Skills, to make them compassionate individuals, and to motivate them to effect meaningful changes.
Understanding the impact of AI and machine learning in the present-day world, an exposure for the same had to be given to the tinkering minds. With the upsurge of COVID-19, an idea of an online cyber virtual event struck our minds to bring about a positive glance towards cyber innovations and to test the inventiveness of India’s young minds. This was how and why ‘Technophilia’ was born. Technophilia gave a virtual platform to these young minds, a place to experiment and innovate, and came up with something extra ordinary. The innovations by the students at various schools across India was worth knowing and applauding.


From creating virtual cyber classrooms in blender to artistic cyber approach such as photoshop, video editing – Technophilia made a positive impact. Events such as Chatbot, Blender, Gaming, Chess, Blogging, photoshop, video editing, Minecraft etc. ruled the atmosphere. There was no doubt that the innovative community that we ought to build was just a step away from us; judging this by the active 2000 members that were soon to become a part of this journey. Using more than 15 software and holding around 20 sub events along with the never-ending support of the community was what made it all special. Students have innovated a virtual futuristic classroom for improved remote learning experience. They made a futuristic classroom based on technological advancement of graphene. They innovated futuristic classroom having capabilities of amoled advanced precision interface, holographic projector, and 3D projection generator. Minecraft, an Innovation powerhouse made the students think for the new normal and they innovated a COVID 19 research lab. The students also incorporated the skills of Artificial intelligence and machine learning and developed a bot that translated English language to a specific regional language.

Our primary students were no less in innovation. As this pandemic had made them home bound, they innovatively depicted as to how the virtual festivals can be well celebrated at home the students’ young minds innovated for the future and developed gadgets from e waste materials. They designed gadgets which were required to maximize the recovery of the valuable resources while minimizing any negative social or environmental impact. The young minds innovated apps that can be used to solve any contemporary problem. They were also involved in an Innovation fair where they were supposed to innovatively exhibit all ICT devices available at home, and that could be used as learning aid. The innovation was not limited to their curriculum; they even crossed the boundaries of their homes when they innovated objects that can relate symmetry with nature


The impact was not only based on quantity, but it did deliver huge quality and affected hundreds directly and millions indirectly. Inspiring the masses that cyber skills are the need of the future and letting them know that it can be a way to earn living in the coming future. Innovating new technologies and motivating the masses through an impactful experience was the ever-existing goal of this community. Breaking social prejudices and stereotypes bound with cyber skills was what this community was born for. Witnessing the contentment and the driving motivation among the community is likely what we call an indispensable impact.


As the entire event was wheeled in by the students, they learnt to carry the responsibilities of conducting a big event, learnt organizational and collaborative skills. As the event was nationwide, they had a cross cultural exposure. Digital learning platforms such as Discord gave them a lot of exposure to their societal skills.