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Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame


I am Ibtesam Ahmed, a standard 9 boy studying in Vidya Bharati Chinmaya Vidyalaya. I am a science enthusiast and do 3D Modelling and Game development as a hobby. I wish to bring about a change in the world through Science. Previous achievements: Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan VVM state rank 1st. Selected for National Camp. 2nd position in East Zone. 1st and 2nd Positions in various Regional level Science quizzes.

In present times where traffic is ever-increasing and traffic jams are not uncommon. The present steering system in road vehicles can sometimes be very inconvenient. Therefore, keeping this in mind, we have designed a much more convenient mode of steering system for vehicles. It is a wheel design where the driver has the ability to drive on the Vertical as well as the Horizontal axes. The design features a large wheel with smaller wheels fitted on its surface perpendicular to the radius of the wheel. The design allows the driver to easily drive sideways. Such a design is extremely convenient because it helps the driver easily park his vehicle in tight spaces without creating a fuss, with just the use of a lever/joystick. Often due to parking issues, we have observed that adults often park their cars on the road itself or far away from the actual destination where parking is easily available. Hence to prevent this wastage of land resource and enforce road discipline, we have come up with this innovative wheel design and revolutionary vehicle steering system.


Mixing and making friends with some of the nation’s best science students and getting to interact with the nation’s finest scientists. Learnt a lot about Science throughout the process. Enjoyable experience throughout the state and national camp. My interest in Science, which was already considerably great, grew even more. Now I appreciate the world more than I previously did. Getting to interact with students of different states and culture provided me with a wider picture of the nation.

Student : Ibtesam Ahmed