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Wall of Fame

ATL Chauntra Express

Over the past 1 year, the spirit of tinkering and innovation is reaching the grasroots across India, sprouting young changemakers from all places.

Ms. Rashmi, class 8th from Government Model School Ghatta and Ms. Ritika, class 9th from Government Model Senior Secondary School, Chauntra are the ones of many such innovators from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.

Since its inception, ATL at Chantra has been open to all the schools in Himachal Pradesh with the single goal of propagating the spirit of innovation in their state. This had lead to the formation of a culture - #MindGrind : Team #ATLChauntra.

Rashmi and Ritika started their ATL journey in a humble fashion. Their families believe in equality and encorage their daughters to break all gender stereotypes. Such kind of encouragement lead to a huge confidence boost in the hearts of these young girls.

The rigour and perseveracne lead them to become the masters of 3D printing and electronics of their school. Both of them had a primary interest in the field of medicine, and with the 21st century skills, the students were now equipped with addressing challenges in their field of interest.

To enable periodic dosage of medicines to patients, they developed the ‘Smart Medicine Box’. Their device now is a completely 3D printed and functional full scale model. The design is unique, low cost, easy to use, portable and is operated by a rechargable battery. Such a feat is achieved only after months of research and development. The work done by Rashmi and Ritika is commended at various forums, one of which was the Maker Faire in Hyderabad, which was held in November 2018.

“This device will be beneficial for the society as it will become a personal assistant for patients which will take care of their medication at proper time”, said the students.

The innovators are currently working on adding more functionalities by connecting the device to your smartphone via an App. They plan to deploy and test their prototypes in hospitals and households to generate end user feedback for further refinement.

Today, India and its huge demographic dividend needs to develop such problem-solving mindset to become one of the most innovative countries of the world. And stories like these inspire us to take the leap of faith.

Students : Ritika, Rashmi
ATL Incharge : Sandeep Verma
Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/ATLChauntra/